UK Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette governs all kinds of different things about weddings and we have put together some of the most common pieces of wedding etiquette as a guide for brides and grooms.

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Payment for the Wedding
General tradition has the bride's family paying for their daughters wedding as they were gaining a son from the union.

However with the average cost of a wedding today being over 12,000 it is rarely possible for the bride's family to foot the entire bill.

Tradition offers guidelines as to which party pays for which service, although the affluence of each family pays a part in how the costs are divided in modern times.

The Groom

  • Engagement Ring
  • Wedding Ring
  • Marriage License
  • Venue or Church fees
  • Hire of the Formalwear for the Gents
  • Flowers for the Wedding Party, Venue & Reception
  • Gifts for the Attendants
  • Transport to and from the Wedding Venue
  • The Honeymoon
Wedding Etiquette

The Bride's Family

  • Everything for the reception
  • The Bride's Dress and Accessories
  • The Bridesmaids' Dresses and Accessories
  • Stationery and Other Printing Costs
  • Announcements in Local Newspapers
  • The Bride's Transport to the Wedding Venue
  • The Wedding Cake

Popular Wedding Etiquette

There are generally three people who are expected to make a speech at the wedding reception and in order of speaking they are, the bride's father, the groom and lastly the best man.
No one else is required to speak although other speakers are permitted. It is not unusual for the groom's father to give a short speech of thanks to the host and hostess of the occasion. The bride or often a "best woman" may also choose to may a speech.

Bride's Father
The bride's father is called upon by either the toastmaster or best man to propose a toast of "health and happiness" to the happy couple.

Before the toast is made he would normally welcome all the guests at the reception, say a few words about his daughter and then welcome the groom into his family.

Wedding Etiquette

The Groom
The groom would reply to the bride's father's speech on behalf of himself and his new bride while also thanking his own parents for their care and love in his own upbringing. The groom will also thank the guests for the presents bestowed upon bride and groom.

If any family members from either side be unable to attend the wedding through illness then the groom would mention them and wish them a speedy recovery.

As a conclusion the groom would propose a toast to the bridesmaids and thank them for a job well done. The groom may also present any gifts that the happy couple have for those who have helped with the wedding planning and preparation.

The Best Man
The best man's speech is the most light-hearted and humourous of the speeches and is usually expected to be the high point of the reception. The best man is often chosen on his ability to make this speech with both humour and integrity.

It is also the best man's responsibility to reply to the groom on behalf of the bridesmaids

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