Wedding Trivia

Learn all about wedding customs, etiquette or the gifts associated with particular anniversaries.

Or you can read about the history of Gretna Green weddings and how a rundown farm was transformed into The Mill Forge.

There is also a series of quotes from famous people on the subject of weddings and marriage. Some of these quotes make a great addition to a wedding speech.

Wedding Trivia

History of Gretna Green Weddings

Gretna Green Weddings have a long history and this is a detailed account of how a small border village became the marriage Mecca it is today.

Gretna Green Wedding History >>

Wedding Trivia

History of The Mill Forge

A look at how a rundown farm became one of the country's most popular wedding venues with a series of conversions and new buildings.

The Mill Forge History >>

Wedding Trivia

Wedding Anniversaries

Every passing year has a different gift associated with the anniversary and we have gathered together a list of gifts for each occasion.

Wedding Anniversaries >>

Wedding Trivia

Wedding Etiquette

Who pays for what? Which order should the speeches be done and what should be included in each speech? We have all the answers!

Wedding Etiquette >>

Wedding Trivia

Wedding Quotes

Read what famous faces have to say on the subject of love and marriages. There are quotes which can be worked into any wedding speech.

Wedding Quotes >>

Wedding Trivia

Wedding Traditions

Why does a bride wear white? Why have a best man? Who was given the first engagement ring? Answers to these questions and many others are included.

Wedding Traditions >>


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